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New “Launch” Startup Marketing Package

Start growing your startup today! Get started for only $3,500.00! This plan is perfect for startups!

30 day user acquisition HUSTLE = targeted traffic + new users today!


growth hacking plan – industry research

– social media marketing/outreach – twitter, instagram – fb etc as needed. goal is to be as efficient as possible when devoting time to social media, so certain social networks may be a waste of time while others are a primary organic growth channel. we will use our own accounts. we can also use your existing accounts if you prefer.
– developing and driving targeted traffic to landing pages/lead funnels for paid ads via adwords/fb/reddit – branding – copywriting – web dev
– SEO growth hacking
– content marketing – content development – content curation – content distribution
– app store optimization

* Additional custom work provided on a per project basis


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The marketing service startups dream about is here. No for real. We’re CONFIDENT in our marketing strategies. We’re result-based. We can start on your project right now. As in, we can start working on a custom evolving marketing plan to drive targeted traffic and generate new users for your startup…NOW. We can start implementing our plan TODAY.

I’m aware that there are already lots of “marketing agencies for startups” and lots of “startup accelerators” popping up every month, so I’m trying to discuss different unique approaches and solutions that might work well for new startups.

Seems like so many startups are trying to get months of free work by going the internship route too. College Interns accepting this kind of arrangement probably pretty inexperienced = wasted time on communicating marketing tasks that drive targeted traffic/revenue = wasted money. when what these startups need is traction/traffic/new active users/sales/app store downloads/revenue NOW. just posting on social media and doing some data entry is not going to initiate the kind of growth some founders seem to expect? Unless these interns are actually passionate about the industry, the project and experienced in content creation/curation/online outreach/distribution/SEO/social etc, wouldn’t bringing them in be a lot of wasted time when you need X amount of users/targeted traffic to raise more money and reach growth milestones ASAP?

I can understand having interns handle basic social stuff and customer service outreach etc, but I get the feeling that a lot of “marketing interns” are basically going through the motions of posting online in different places with no real growth strategy/aggressive channel testing etc. I understand that is they can afford and better than nothing, but seems like A LOT of time spent communicating tasks rather than actually growing traffic/users? If the interns are assisting paid employees/managers I’m sure things can and obviously do turn out different, but just relying on interns giving them some blog posts and social accounts to handle hoping that people will notice the startup project?

I just get the impression that a lot of startups don’t realize the amount of traffic you need coming in to make an impact? Social accounts with a few hundred followers, vague social posts with little to no interaction, generic topical blog posts aren’t likely to get them where they need to go? Is this kind of “marketing filler” more valuable than having nothing at all for the startup in a lot of cases?

Avoid “contract anxiety” and let us to see if we are a good fit/how much we can actually help your startup. Win win for your startup with costs WAY lower than trying to hire someone when launching. We are results-based and don’t need hand-holding like interns. We can’t make sale for you or make sure your startup idea works necessarily. In some cases our marketing strategies just may not be a good fit for your startup. If we believe that we can’t take your startup to the next level, we do not want to work with you.

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