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Human communication is increasingly taking place in an online environment. People reviewing local businesses and people gossiping about individuals is increasingly taking place in an online environment. Human nature, both the “good” side and the “bad” side, is increasingly taking place in an online environment. Different types of online environments are increasingly being highlighted by online search engines as these search engines are becoming more “intelligent”. Search engines such as the Google algorithm are searching the depths of the Internet for new, exciting, dramatic, relevant, newsworthy, non-newsworthy, positive, and negative content for every person, place, and thing under the sun.

Online “content” refers to not only text conversations, but any type of media like videos and images and other documents as well. Search engines like Google rarely discriminate who they are accepting/indexing content from, and this is a VERY positive thing for an open society or open internet to maintain. The “flip side” of this generally “positive” openness is that it allows anyone out there in the world to assist in shaping an individual’s or a company’s online reputation.

If you or your company do not have control of your online reputation, some other individual or company may seize the “opportunity” and shape your online image for you. Confident Brand covers all of the basic and advanced branding processes used to develop and maintain a proactive online reputation management campaign.

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